Karatbars – Gold for All


Gold is the precious metal that we all want to own in our portfolio. However, how do you buy gold? How do I sell Gold? How do I safely store Gold? These are just a few of the questions many of us have about the ownership of Gold. Karatbars has solved this and has created a plan that almost anyone can afford to create and own actual pure Gold in your own investment portfolio. You can create a Free Gold Account or invest in a gold business and create an opportunity to grow in one of the most wanted precious metal businesses in the world.

Karatbars ships to over 115 countries worldwide and growing. Today we know that gold is a in demand precious metal that you can invest your savings into. Statistics has shown that your purchasing power is much more constant over time than most any other asset or currency you could invest in. “Gold in small denominations gives the possibility to secure ones financials. That is something Paper money will never be able to provide. Gold is everlasting. It has been around for 5000 years and has been the world’s currency for 2800 years.”

Karatbars is making Gold affordable for anyone! Learn how to earn a growing monthly income and savings in Gold, 1-gram-at-a-time.


Gold is the future!

 Karatbars creates an exciting opportunity that makes buying gold very affordable. Also, Karatbars offers a brilliant way to earn a substantial income by simply sharing this program with others! In addition, Karatbars was founded in 2011 and now open in over 115 countries and still expanding. The timing is perfect!

Karatbars gold is produced by an LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) accredited refinery. Their Gold is assayed for fineness, purity and weight! The gold is 999.9 – 24k Gold bullion produced with an advanced security protection. This gives you peace of mind knowing you own the very best gold!

Earn a Weekly Income with Karatbars!

It only gets better! When you refer others who purchase gold you can earn commissions. This give you an opportunity to help you and others succeed and also earn Free Gold.  Your commissions are paid to you weekly to your own personal Karatbars Mastercard. Therefore, no waiting for monthly checks, it is automatic each week!  Also, you are in control, because you decide how much gold you want to invest in and when you want it.

Your gold is stored for free, safe and secure until you want it then it is shipped direct to you. Hence, you rest easy knowing your gold is there when you need it. You will have available a variety of collector Karatbars cards and options to create a private branded card for you to use in your business. Karatbars make great gifts! Who would not love getting gold as a gift to them?

Unlike so many other companies, there are No quotas, enrollment fees or monthly costs to become an affiliate. You simply purchase gold at your own rate and build your business at your own pace. You decide what is best for you and your business!


Do You have a favorite charity that you want to help fund their great deeds?

Go here to see how Karatbars does this.


Why I Joined Karatbars International?


I have been watching gold for a long time. Before I joined Karatbars, I had thoroughly researched this company, its morals, the gold products, the vision of the founder, and all the growth potential for all us in this opportunity.

Here are some of the reasons why Karatbars Business will be good for you as well.

  1. A debt free Company with $137 Million turnover
  2. The founder’s vision for humanity
  3. The product is GOLD
  4. Affordable way to own gold even for people in the menial income category
  5. Associates are given an incredible opportunity to earn, and to get paid weekly
  6. 9 ways to earn a growing residual income and partnership opportunity
  7. It is already in over 115 countries worldwide
  8. A strong support team that really cares


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